Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Final: Featuring Pictures That Aren't Blurry!

So then, today, this most unusual leap day, marks the final post for GF-topic month. I'll probably mention her again so this really doesn't mean all that much but this is the last post in the multi-week continuous streak of GF-related material.

For your viewing pleasure, here, at last, is a picture (not blurry!) of me with S-girl.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Looking at this post it looks like I accidentally shifted the focus from my own failings as any kind of sig.o. to S-girl's shortcomings as mine. That wasn't my intention. Furthermore, almost all of you ended up commenting on my description of my 100% perfect girl. That's your right but it wasn't what I was hoping for.

I touched on my capriciousness in the previous post about looking up stuff on Wiki, like when I discover a new band I end up reading about their history, their discography, current members, past members, what they are doing now, etc. But after I find all that, I might not necessarily lose interest, but I find something else, e.g. start a video game, and I read up on all the tips and tricks for controls and such. But no spoilers. As a movie guy, it shouldn't surprise you to know that I don't like spoilers. (A friend once ruined The Village [2004] for me. And his body was never found.)

That kind of intense focus and dedication followed by a rapid cooling of passions really messed with S-girl. That's one thing I really wish she'd've learned to accommodate. NOT just expect, which she claimed to do. She might've known it was coming but she'd run right over that cliff anyway and tell me she saw the fall. Maybe some masochistic tendencies lingered there, hmm?

Part of me wanted wants to say I'm not going to change like that. I'm capricious, that's how it is and I like it. But then I remember that I've already changed drastically once. I could conceivably do it again.

But I didn't and I won't. Ohohoho, not so capricious now, eh?!

The difference is that I love who I am now AND I am not going to change for someone else. Moreover, in a twisted sense, S-girl came to love me the way I was and to change that would have done her no favours in the long run.

That's a good piece of advice for all of you out there: If you are hoping your sig. o. will change, then s/he ain't the one. You found a close match, reeeaaalll close, maybe even your 85% or 90% perfect girl/guy but s/he ain't the One. Keep looking. It's scary, yes. You might never find your 100% perfect one. This could very well be the closest you ever get but you'll have to ask yourself if it's worth it to go with "almost perfect". I can't give you that answer.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Halting, Uncertain

Uh-oh,  only three post days worth of room left in GF-topic month. Too bad for you, Mai!

More of S-girl's minus points today. Yay! (Caloo calay!)

When I am curious about something I begin a relentless hunt to learn as much about it as I can or I lose interest or something shiny comes along. Whichever happens first. The thirst consumes me even as I find more and more sources from which to slake it. Something as simple as Wiki-ing or googling the topic, though... these were beyond S-girl. I'm not saying she didn't know how to type stuff into Google. Ish. I mean- damn, she and I would never have happened at all if she was that technologically impaired, I tell yah. That sorta ties back into that whole "capable girl" thing I kinda require.

BUT she definitely didn't have a confident air when going about using her computer. Speaking of which, I can't really say she went about doing anything at all with a "confident air". She wasn't constantly uncertain (almost) but definitely nothing above neutral.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Previous Mentions

It turns out I have uploaded a photo of S-girl before. Of sorts. Way back last year, when the blog was still in its infancy, I mentioned her in two posts.

July 8, 2011.
July 9, 2011.


I won't lie, that thunderstorm experience probably went a long way towards making S-girl fall in love with me. She'd never considered watching a massive lightning storm in a heavy rain from the top of a parking garage at night. Imagine that! ╮(╯ヮ╰)╭
It was that kind of thing that really got her stuck on me. Taking her on adventures she might never even have thought to go on.

It remains one of the most unique and romantic things I've ever done in my life.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sometimes Boyfriend

Although S-girl spent most of her time overlooking my flaws I am aware that I had them.

Without false pride, I will say that when put my mind to undertaking a task I have enough skill to be able to do that thing at least adequately with practice. But you know me. When asked I'll probably assert my prowess with a bit more bravado than quite warranted. (^^|||)7

The one exception would be relationships. With a full comprehension of my own personality, I will admit straight out that I am not really good boyfriend material.

I can be sweet, tender, loving, attentive, and other such good words... but only when I want to be. You might be thinking, "Well, that's not unusual. I can be all those things, too, if I want to be." Well, good for you, but if you have a sig. o. I hope you want to be those things on a relatively stable schedule for her sake.

Friday, February 24, 2012


I think it's high time I delved deeper into which of her qualities I considered irreconcilably incompatible. As a person I didn't think little of her in most respects, but I have some necessary qualifications for my sig. o. candidates.

Wait a minute.

High time? (•_•)
Think little? (ºヮº)
Shortcomings?! (⊙ ワ ⊙)

Well, I guess I'll save the fatal flaw for the next post. These puns make a compelling argument for another topic.

Yet again, positivity turns my intended course.

I like my girls on the vertically challenged side, in general.
I've wondered about the reasons, myself. Is it because, psychologically, short girls seem more vulnerable and in need of protection? Sounds plausible but I'm inclined to say this isn't my reason because I much prefer my girl to be capable and strong, someone people can turn to for help if needed rather than someone who always needs some from others, you know? Short is just my preference. In all my fantasies thoughts I'm actually not sure how I'd go about a girl my height. Hmm. Good thing I generally don't have to worry about that sort of thing. (^_^)

At the height that she was, S-girl fit just so in my arms, her head at the perfect height to listen to my heartbeat as I held her. It's little things like that which I still think about sometimes. It's actually a bit dangerous. I miss having someone to do that sort of thing with but that's no reason to just find a girl, I think...

Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Little Nip Never Hurts. Well....

Mai mentioned biting shoulders in a comment on the last post and I have something to say on that sort of thing, too.

My relationship with S-girl lasted for about two years, all told. We went from strangers to about as close as two people can get without involving some kind of transporter accident.

In that time I got to know her more... completely than anyone else I've ever known. As it should be. I'm not a 'hook-up/break-up' kind of guy. I know people who've had relationships, of various depths, numbering in the double digits. I used to think this meant they would make good people to get advice from but I don't hold to that belief anymore. Going out with someone for a week and breaking up when one or both lose interest, there's only so much enrichment to gather from that kind of coupling. I've only had the one relationship with S-girl but it went through so much...

Oh right, the biting. Well, besides the spiritual knowledge I got plenty of the physical as well, heh.

Children, go no further! PG-13 stuff ahead!

Two years is plenty of time to get to know someone. Especially if you explore. For example, I found that her left one was more sensitive.

Earlobe. I'm talking about her earlobe. (Ô◡<)

That spot's a pretty common weak spot erogenous zone on the females. But the earlobe is just for some light nibbling.

My favorite spot was the nape of her neck. aaah. (o ̄◡ ̄o) She'd be doing something else and I'd come up and give her a soft bite right on the back of the neck there. And maybe a little lick with the tongue. /(>ヮ<)\ I would feel the goosebumps rise there as a tingle went across her skin and down her spine. The word is 'titillation', by the way. Besides 'annoy' that's another thing I liked doing to her often.  You think maybe she'd have preferred more of one and less of the latter? haha. Whatever, man! Couldn't have it all. Or rather, she could have it all!! Yeah!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How Do You Show Affection?

Yet another cute and romantic picture from my collection.

Maybe it comes from having grown up with martial arts in my life. Maybe its the Asian/Chinese genes. Maybe I'm just a violent person at heart. I show my affection with kicks and punches and the odd awkward starfish face slap. Light contact only, I swears it! So if you get accosted suddenly and it's me, no worries! No need to defend yourself either, by the way. I have excellent control. *ahem*

In this respect S-girl was drastically different from me. She wasn't completely comfortable in her own body, I guess would be how I'd describe it. Me, I like to go around my house shirtless. And yet I like being warm. But I prefer freezing cold weather to humid hot weather. Strange.
Anyway, this is one of those things that didn't bother me at first but really started to become conspicuous later on in our relationship.
There were a lot of negatives that really started to show as things progressed. I'm sure S-girl found minus points in me, too, but she was more forgiving, I guess you could say. You could say. I'm more of the mind that the good feeling of being in a relationship with me outweighed the negatives. It became apparent, really obviously apparent, that she wanted it more than I did near the end of things. I won't deny that it is a flattering feeling, having someone like you. This feeling abounds during the 'honeymoon phase' of most burgeoning relationships. It usually fades and you get into the 'real' part of a partnership where you either truly like each other's company, as individuals not just 'a cute girl/guy', or you realize that you made a mistake.

Not that I'm saying I wish S-girl was more violent, heh. I don't care for the tsundere type. And definitely not the yandere...
And she wasn't uncomfortable with touching. Well, not with me anyway. And a bit more creativity would have been nice, too. Haha, interpret that last part however you like.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Unfamiliar Ceilings

This image doesn't really parallel any of my experiences with S-girl but it's so cute I'll give it to you here anyway.

Anywayz, here's some interesting stuff for you, on the house. S-girl only has a cameo role in it but whatevs.
I'd like you all to know that I'm a pretty awesome drunk. When I haven't imbibed anything orange in colour at any rate. Heh. I get really talkative and happy and generally just a fun guy. Just as much as my sober self, guaranteed!
There have been two three  four occasions when I've awoken to a strange ceiling. If you've never experienced the feeling, I recommend trying it at least once in your life. It's trippy shit. You just lay there for a moment, feeling your eyelids slide over your eyes a few times. Then awareness starts to spread from visual to tactile and auditory, your sphere of awareness expanding outwards from your body. Or that's how it happens to me anyway.

The first time happened, appropriately, after a Greygoose party only a short time after I'd starting drinking. Not much tolerance yet, you understand. Nothing big to note there. All I remember of the night before was trying to stay awake and focused. At some point a game was played using dice of this nature. I don't remember anything from that segment. I'm okay with that.

The second time:
I woke up wearing a hoodie I'd never seen before, in an apartment, and laying next to S-girl.
J. Crew vintage fleece.
No idea how I got there, where the hoodie came from nor when S-girl joined me. She hadn't been hanging out with us the night before. Turns out it's D-girl's apartment. We'd all headed there at some point from the house we'd been partying in the night before. Then I got a phone call from S-girl. She had a habit of working late in the architecture school's craft shop and I'd walk her home. Usually mine. But this time I was way gone. Apparently I still had enough mind to want to escort her but none of the ability to carry that desire out. I fell over and gave one of D-girl's apartment lamps a permanent lean. They advised me to stay put and told S-girl where I was so she could come to me instead. The only thing that never got explained is the hoodie. It's a damn nice and warm hoodie, no regrets there, but we never did uncover the secrets of its origins.

The third time I had too much after a Halloween party. Fortunately, it was hosted in my house so I didn't have far to go before passing out in an odd position, face down. Actually, in that episode I didn't wake up to an unfamiliar ceiling, it was an unfamiliar floor. It was, in fact, my own room. How embarrassing. At some point one of my housemates returned late at night and noticed my light on and my door ajar. He peeked in and said I looked like I'd been shot in the back. For obvious reasons I do not have a photo of said weirdness.

The fourth time happened not too long ago. It was actually during the second hiatus I took in December, I think. I drank something orange and spent the next day with the worst hangover I've ever had. Although, put that way it doesn't mean much. I'd only had one hangover before that and it wasn't too bad. Only been hungover twice so far, though I've passed out or thrown up plenty. Can't have it all, I 'spose.

Monday, February 20, 2012

More Sleeping

So I told you S-girl usually fell asleep before I did, yeah?

More tales of sleeping:

I could tell when she was tired because she'd only snore when she went to bed fatigued.
You want to know something funny? (Of course yah do.) She didn't know how to fake snore. That sounds like a strange thing to notice, right? Well, she'd end up snoring softly for real when she stayed up too long before going to bed.
And if she was really tired?
She'd drool on the pillow. (>ワ<) And/or me.
I know it sounds gross, but I didn't mind. And when she'd wake up laughing and embarrassed... well, I shouldn't have to convince you that it's nice to hear something like that first thing in the morning.

My apologies. I guess I'm not that good at dwelling on the negative... sorry to disappoint, Mark.

Sunday, February 19, 2012


From FindChaos.
My first thought when I saw this comic?

"Why isn't he spooning her?
Is that bad or sweet? Opinions please.
S-girl fell asleep before I did most of the time and I'd just listen to her breathe, feel the rise and fall *ahem* for a while before drifting off contentedly myself. She told me that waking up in the mornings resting against me felt very... reassuring. Secure.
I get that. It feels nice to sleep against something solid.

I don't know about this guy in the image though. Show her some love, man! Bitches love that. Heh. If she's mad at him, well... even more reason to hold her, in my opinion.

This was my favorite song for a long while:

♫We can fuss and we can fight, 'long as everything's alright between us before we go to sleep♫

That's a good line.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Her Eyebrow

Speaking of turn-offs, I just remembered a little thing that turns me on.

S-girl had this way of cocking her left eyebrow when she thought I was doing something weird. (That happens frequently, by the way.) Serious turn-on. Maybe it's a side effect of my love for emoticons. I love that overtly emotive facial expression.

Sadly, I don't have a picture of her doing that. Actually, I haven't posted a picture of her at all yet. Unless you count this one.
Cocking my right eyebrow feels more comfortable to me, whereas winking my left eye comes naturally. Plus my smile is crooked. Asymmetry threatens to overwhelm my sensibilities!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Not A Worthy Opponent

This one's really nice, unfortunately it didn't really apply to S-girl.

So then... something I didn't like about S-girl: She never stood up to me.
Haha, that kinda makes me sound like a bully. (^.^|||)7 Allow me to elaborate.

I only recall a single incident when we really 'fought' with each other about anything. It was over mahjong. Don't laugh, man. We're Chinese- Cantonese, in fact! That means mahjong is serious business. Anyway, she had lost a streak and started getting frustrated. Then she lost her temper. That sounds like an awesome tagline for an action movie. (ºヮº )

So yeah, it wasn't a disagreement about an issue of substance or anything like that. As a result I don't really count that as an argument. Every time we did disagree on something though... well, you may have extrapolated from my penchant for ranting to correctly guess that I am always up for a round of intellectual discussion, scintillating repartee, witty banter and other such cerebral exercises. S-girl... was not similarly inclined. Whenever I started to question her stand- no, stand is too solid a word for it; whenever I started to question her take on something she'd back down and retreat.
On the one hand, I can understand not wanting to face me in debate. I do get slightly fervent about things when I get started. I lay down reasons and such. Empty rhetoric isn't enough for me. Just because something sounds snappy and plausible doesn't make it so.
Some might say I get vehement. (⌐⌐_|||) (|||__¬¬)
On the other hand, that's no fun, man. No fun at all.
I want to know you, yeah? A lot of this stuff doesn't come up in the fleeting interactions I have with other people during my day, but since we're closer than that I want to know what you think, how you think. It's ok to disagree with me. Of course I think I'm right, natch, but whatev's.
She said she understood but she never reached a level where she would/could hold her own against me. *sigh* And yes, I picture a good debate being like this.

I don't recommend intentionally starting fights with your significant other, though. I had a friend who actually believed this a good facet of building and maintaining a relationship. I disagree with that sentiment but I do think that any couple will inevitably have disagreements about some things and they should learn how to deal with them. Not by sweeping them under the rug (the disagreements, not the sig. o) and not by always relenting to one or the other. That's no way to live together, yeah? If it's a strictly short-term affair, then by all means, do as you two like, as best you care to, for as long as you two care to do so.

There was a sort of 'honeymoon' period after we started dating. I think this is a commonality all relationships share. You know, that time when you love everything about her and stuff you might find annoying is actually endearing instead? And you don't fight about anything, really. So at first I didn't think anything of S-girl not engaging me in battle but later on I realized it was an inherent behavior. No good.

Been a while since I wrote such a long post. Enjoy. (O_<)-b*

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Impending Shifts

Now that SAD is over and we've gone past the halfway point of this month the time has come for a downhill descent. It's been mostly happy happy joy joy stuff about S-girl and I, fond memories and all that, but we ended for reasons and I will go into that stuff for the rest of this series. It won't all be negative but the 'honeymooning' period is over now.

In other news, internet is acting up again. We're having someone over from Verizon to take a look at the cable later today. For this post, I'll just keep it short.

I'm not sure if I'll have an image for every one of these remaining posts, by the way, although I have noticed some new faces around here because of my inclusions this past month.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Speaking of Hand-made Gifts (The best kind)

A swan I made for S-girl.

It's not technically 'origami' since 3D modular papercrafting is a Chinese style but the word 'origami' as a word in the English lexicon doesn't really mean strictly Japanese paperfolding anymore anyway.
If you're interested just Google '3d modular swan' and you'll find instructions.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

S(ingle's) A(wareness) D(ay)

A little something I made for S-girl on Valentine's Day way back when.

Monday, February 13, 2012

OH NO, Guess What Day It Is Tomorrow

Single's Awareness Day hits ya hard, bro. Unless you're into the sports.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cute and Gross

I think I really might have used this line on her once! Can't recall quite if I actually did or not...

Saturday, February 11, 2012

In Case I Go Too Far

Source: juliawertz
If you annoy her too much try this! It works for me. (O_<)-b*

And I'm pretty sure it works the other way for you ladies.

Friday, February 10, 2012

I Choose You, Forever?

Oh snap, looks like someone took my idea a step further!

I wish them all happiness.
OHOHOHO No papercraft for this guy!

Yep. People who played Pokemon when they were kids are now this generation's adults. This gives me hope for the future.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Speaking of Making Her Laugh

I hope you guys haven't started thinking I only used my powers of Annoying to get S-girl to come out of her shell. I also used the power of laughter. LAUGHTER!

This guy would have my back. Points to whoever can recognize.

And, of course, let us not forget puns. Really bad clever puns.

But all jokes aside, when we were alone I'd take a moment at least once a day to tickle her. Purely for health reasons, really.

Ah, tickles. One of the greatest inventions since internet por sliced bread.
Yep. Sliced bread. (⌐⌐__) (_¬¬)

It gets NSFW at the bottom there. Just so you know. Too late?
I'm happy to report that many tickling sessions also ended that^ way.

In case you're interested, I think there's an entire story from whence these characters sprang, but I can't find any more of it. All I've found are some signs indicating the story is from a Tumblr but I can't find that either.

The odd thing is that I'm only ticklish at certain times of day and til I met her I hadn't known I was ticklish at all. She's the only person who researched with such perseverance, heh.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Haha! Annoying!

Haha, this image perfectly dove-tails with my earlier sentiment from this post.

I figured out how to phrase it: S-girl didn't have exuberance. She had a pretty hard shell around her, and I took it upon myself to poke her out of it.

You know she could go a whole day without laughing out loud? I mean, why would you do that? Tsk, tsk. I would understand if she just didn't see anything funny, but I'd see her just sorta suppress it and swallow her laugh.
Not on my watch!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Really Long Phone Conversations

We could talk for hours. And we did! I think the longest contiguous conversation was about 3 hours or so. I'll admit, I took up a large portion of that airtime myself. I can talk a lot when I get going. Ask anyone really. Not to make you guys feel less special, but this blog thing is partly because I wanted an outlet for all the complex and not so complex thoughts and opinions I have on sundry issues. That's one reason I don't have any complaints about the relatively slow growth of my Followship. I haven't gone out looking since I started this thing.
Fortunately, she liked the sound of my voice, heh. (^_^)-b

If you missed the stamp on the corner there, you should check out sometime. It's pretty cute.

Monday, February 6, 2012

More Smooth Talkin'

It's true! What does this mean, though? What does this MEAN?!?!

In other news, I was re-watching Ep.51 of Seinfeld, 'The Contest', and I realized once again how great that show is. So many catch phrases come from this one sitcom, so many 'sitcom plots' invented right here. It's mind-bottling. How I Met Your Mother has grown into its own, sure, but I can't say with any certainty that this show will become a classic by any means other than the character Barney Stintson.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Annoying ♥

I liked loved annoying her and then subsequently making her laugh in spite of herself.
(o^___^o) The image is true. There's something maddeningly cute to me about a girl trying to stifle a smile.

By nature S-girl wasn't very expressive. She didn't have a stone-face, no, but she didn't smile all the time and she rarely laughed out loud. Mmm, maybe you're thinking, "Hey, I don't smile all the time, either" and that's not uncommon, but I do. And I've never been as close to anyone else, so that's why I'm so aware of it in her. I'm proud to say though, I was able to make her feel a lot of things. That's not to say I'm happy that I made her sad sometimes, but I won't deny that I am happy to have brought her through a wide spectrum of emotions when she otherwise might not have experienced so much, you know?

Friday, February 3, 2012

My Life-Energies!!!

It's true. S-girl had cold hands. All the time. But unlike this guy^ I always gifted her with some of my body heat when she wanted it. Haha, ain't I so nice?

February! Singles Awareness Day Approaches.

Lost my internet yesterday, my apologies. I have since tracked it down and it is safely caged once more.

This will be for 2/2.

So I've managed to make a good run of converting my backlog of Draft posts into Published ones this past week. Hey, look at that! It's been exactly one week since I said I'd do that. I've trimmed it down from 23 to... 21. Shit. Woopsie daisy, made some more Drafts even as I wrote some others. I did not lie, though. The posts have all been sitting as Drafts for a while, k?
But since this is the month in which Single's Awareness Day falls, I think I'll post some things from my 'Romantic' folder and give you some more stories from my past love life. Fun fun! Yeah, I have a Romantic image folder. It's right between 'Reaction' and 'Suspected Trace Gallery'. Any Sankaku readers out there tonight? No?

Here's a Reaction pic. It comes in handy more often than you'd expect. (It's Jin from the TV series LOST.)

If you were curious what would go into a 'Suspected Trace Gallery' folder.

So then. I think we'll call her... S-girl. Man, I'm starting to have to go through a roster in my head to make sure the letter hasn't been taken.
Naturally, I believe the best way to start this line of postage would be to provide yet another one of my uncannily accurate images.

We looked like this, right down to that arrogant little half-smile I have on, the bag over one shoulder and the hair and glasses. NICE. And her, with the mid-length hair, the height difference, the leggings and the adoring gaze.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Not Quite Emoticons But Close

Way back when I posted about my love for emoticons.

Less back I mentioned 9gag.

What do these have in common? Well, the usage of emoted reaction faces edges the masses ever closer to the use or at least understanding of emoticons in text! Oh, what a happy day for me it will be when I see everyone using emoticons made of characters rather than this prefabricated shit:

I've already mentioned how 9gag is much changed from how it used to be even a year ago. A good 80% of the material posted there everyday now consists only of multi-panel anecdotal comics using an array of the '9gag faces'.

I can't in good conscience say this is a better 9gag now, but all this makes for good progress on the emoticon front.

BUT I would be remiss if I didn't make sure you all knew that 4chan was the birth place of many of these. That shouldn't surprise you. 4chan birthing memes? Say it ain't so! But then we have all kinds of what we call 'Reaction faces'.

There's a faction of haters from 4chan who still labor under the belief that our fav forum is some kind of exclusive clubhouse and they cry when they see "4chan memes" getting appropriated by other communities like 9gag, Tumblr, and Reddit.

What dumb fucks.
I for one like to see that we aren't such weirdo outcasts after all. ╮(╯_╰)╭
The reason I believe the term '9gag faces' works fine is because back at 4chan we have many different jpgs to express a certain sentiment for things, but on 9gag they use only one template once the community has 'decided' on one.
Example: Are you serious?

9gag always uses this one.
But 4chan, doesn't really have set pieces.
Pretty much, any appropriate screencap will do here.