Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How Do You Show Affection?

Yet another cute and romantic picture from my collection.

Maybe it comes from having grown up with martial arts in my life. Maybe its the Asian/Chinese genes. Maybe I'm just a violent person at heart. I show my affection with kicks and punches and the odd awkward starfish face slap. Light contact only, I swears it! So if you get accosted suddenly and it's me, no worries! No need to defend yourself either, by the way. I have excellent control. *ahem*

In this respect S-girl was drastically different from me. She wasn't completely comfortable in her own body, I guess would be how I'd describe it. Me, I like to go around my house shirtless. And yet I like being warm. But I prefer freezing cold weather to humid hot weather. Strange.
Anyway, this is one of those things that didn't bother me at first but really started to become conspicuous later on in our relationship.
There were a lot of negatives that really started to show as things progressed. I'm sure S-girl found minus points in me, too, but she was more forgiving, I guess you could say. You could say. I'm more of the mind that the good feeling of being in a relationship with me outweighed the negatives. It became apparent, really obviously apparent, that she wanted it more than I did near the end of things. I won't deny that it is a flattering feeling, having someone like you. This feeling abounds during the 'honeymoon phase' of most burgeoning relationships. It usually fades and you get into the 'real' part of a partnership where you either truly like each other's company, as individuals not just 'a cute girl/guy', or you realize that you made a mistake.

Not that I'm saying I wish S-girl was more violent, heh. I don't care for the tsundere type. And definitely not the yandere...
And she wasn't uncomfortable with touching. Well, not with me anyway. And a bit more creativity would have been nice, too. Haha, interpret that last part however you like.