Friday, January 4, 2013

A Warm and Fuzzy Dream

I was wrapped in a deliciously warm pile of blankets, basking in an envelope of warmth in a frigid room. Then D-girl appeared and sat on the edge of the bed. I gave her my spot and tucked her in, putting a pillow on top of the mound for extra shielding from the elements. Thereupon, a wave of what I can only describe as a "warm and fuzzy" sensation washed over me, relieving me of any regret for such foolishly gallant altruism.

I woke up for a moment then but a glance revealed it to be the ungodly hour of 5AM. Briefly, I considered immediately texting D-girl to tell her all about how nice I was but my phone was not within arm's reach. The prospect of leaving my cocoon of warmth dissuaded me of all those humble notions, as I doubted there would be any infusions of warm and fuzzy here.

You wanker, I can see you posted this at 5:40AM! "ungodly" indeed!

Yeah, well, I'm an atheist. XP