Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Unfamiliar Ceilings

This image doesn't really parallel any of my experiences with S-girl but it's so cute I'll give it to you here anyway.

Anywayz, here's some interesting stuff for you, on the house. S-girl only has a cameo role in it but whatevs.
I'd like you all to know that I'm a pretty awesome drunk. When I haven't imbibed anything orange in colour at any rate. Heh. I get really talkative and happy and generally just a fun guy. Just as much as my sober self, guaranteed!
There have been two three  four occasions when I've awoken to a strange ceiling. If you've never experienced the feeling, I recommend trying it at least once in your life. It's trippy shit. You just lay there for a moment, feeling your eyelids slide over your eyes a few times. Then awareness starts to spread from visual to tactile and auditory, your sphere of awareness expanding outwards from your body. Or that's how it happens to me anyway.

The first time happened, appropriately, after a Greygoose party only a short time after I'd starting drinking. Not much tolerance yet, you understand. Nothing big to note there. All I remember of the night before was trying to stay awake and focused. At some point a game was played using dice of this nature. I don't remember anything from that segment. I'm okay with that.

The second time:
I woke up wearing a hoodie I'd never seen before, in an apartment, and laying next to S-girl.
J. Crew vintage fleece.
No idea how I got there, where the hoodie came from nor when S-girl joined me. She hadn't been hanging out with us the night before. Turns out it's D-girl's apartment. We'd all headed there at some point from the house we'd been partying in the night before. Then I got a phone call from S-girl. She had a habit of working late in the architecture school's craft shop and I'd walk her home. Usually mine. But this time I was way gone. Apparently I still had enough mind to want to escort her but none of the ability to carry that desire out. I fell over and gave one of D-girl's apartment lamps a permanent lean. They advised me to stay put and told S-girl where I was so she could come to me instead. The only thing that never got explained is the hoodie. It's a damn nice and warm hoodie, no regrets there, but we never did uncover the secrets of its origins.

The third time I had too much after a Halloween party. Fortunately, it was hosted in my house so I didn't have far to go before passing out in an odd position, face down. Actually, in that episode I didn't wake up to an unfamiliar ceiling, it was an unfamiliar floor. It was, in fact, my own room. How embarrassing. At some point one of my housemates returned late at night and noticed my light on and my door ajar. He peeked in and said I looked like I'd been shot in the back. For obvious reasons I do not have a photo of said weirdness.

The fourth time happened not too long ago. It was actually during the second hiatus I took in December, I think. I drank something orange and spent the next day with the worst hangover I've ever had. Although, put that way it doesn't mean much. I'd only had one hangover before that and it wasn't too bad. Only been hungover twice so far, though I've passed out or thrown up plenty. Can't have it all, I 'spose.