Sunday, February 19, 2012


From FindChaos.
My first thought when I saw this comic?

"Why isn't he spooning her?
Is that bad or sweet? Opinions please.
S-girl fell asleep before I did most of the time and I'd just listen to her breathe, feel the rise and fall *ahem* for a while before drifting off contentedly myself. She told me that waking up in the mornings resting against me felt very... reassuring. Secure.
I get that. It feels nice to sleep against something solid.

I don't know about this guy in the image though. Show her some love, man! Bitches love that. Heh. If she's mad at him, well... even more reason to hold her, in my opinion.

This was my favorite song for a long while:

♫We can fuss and we can fight, 'long as everything's alright between us before we go to sleep♫

That's a good line.