Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Little Nip Never Hurts. Well....

Mai mentioned biting shoulders in a comment on the last post and I have something to say on that sort of thing, too.

My relationship with S-girl lasted for about two years, all told. We went from strangers to about as close as two people can get without involving some kind of transporter accident.

In that time I got to know her more... completely than anyone else I've ever known. As it should be. I'm not a 'hook-up/break-up' kind of guy. I know people who've had relationships, of various depths, numbering in the double digits. I used to think this meant they would make good people to get advice from but I don't hold to that belief anymore. Going out with someone for a week and breaking up when one or both lose interest, there's only so much enrichment to gather from that kind of coupling. I've only had the one relationship with S-girl but it went through so much...

Oh right, the biting. Well, besides the spiritual knowledge I got plenty of the physical as well, heh.

Children, go no further! PG-13 stuff ahead!

Two years is plenty of time to get to know someone. Especially if you explore. For example, I found that her left one was more sensitive.

Earlobe. I'm talking about her earlobe. (Ô◡<)

That spot's a pretty common weak spot erogenous zone on the females. But the earlobe is just for some light nibbling.

My favorite spot was the nape of her neck. aaah. (o ̄◡ ̄o) She'd be doing something else and I'd come up and give her a soft bite right on the back of the neck there. And maybe a little lick with the tongue. /(>ヮ<)\ I would feel the goosebumps rise there as a tingle went across her skin and down her spine. The word is 'titillation', by the way. Besides 'annoy' that's another thing I liked doing to her often.  You think maybe she'd have preferred more of one and less of the latter? haha. Whatever, man! Couldn't have it all. Or rather, she could have it all!! Yeah!