Friday, February 3, 2012

February! Singles Awareness Day Approaches.

Lost my internet yesterday, my apologies. I have since tracked it down and it is safely caged once more.

This will be for 2/2.

So I've managed to make a good run of converting my backlog of Draft posts into Published ones this past week. Hey, look at that! It's been exactly one week since I said I'd do that. I've trimmed it down from 23 to... 21. Shit. Woopsie daisy, made some more Drafts even as I wrote some others. I did not lie, though. The posts have all been sitting as Drafts for a while, k?
But since this is the month in which Single's Awareness Day falls, I think I'll post some things from my 'Romantic' folder and give you some more stories from my past love life. Fun fun! Yeah, I have a Romantic image folder. It's right between 'Reaction' and 'Suspected Trace Gallery'. Any Sankaku readers out there tonight? No?

Here's a Reaction pic. It comes in handy more often than you'd expect. (It's Jin from the TV series LOST.)

If you were curious what would go into a 'Suspected Trace Gallery' folder.

So then. I think we'll call her... S-girl. Man, I'm starting to have to go through a roster in my head to make sure the letter hasn't been taken.
Naturally, I believe the best way to start this line of postage would be to provide yet another one of my uncannily accurate images.

We looked like this, right down to that arrogant little half-smile I have on, the bag over one shoulder and the hair and glasses. NICE. And her, with the mid-length hair, the height difference, the leggings and the adoring gaze.