Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Valentine's Day Present

I haven't told you guys much about us yet, but I just so happen to have recalled one occasion when I played the part of sweet loving boyfriend.

By the way, it fills me with joy to realize that I've posted enough such that I can't perfectly recall whether I've mentioned this or not: I don't put much stock in celebrating holidays. That includes birthdays (including my own) and especially those artificial Hallmark holidays like Mother's Day and Father's Day. (Some reputedly count Valentine's Day among them.)

But, since girls are sappy and Valentine's is one of those romantic days in the year, I made the sacrifice and did something cute for her.

I made her a papercraft Pok├ęball.

Incidentally, that isn't my hand, Pok├ęball, nor photo. It turns out I neglected to take one when I made it but this person used the same design template that I did so it serves as an appropriate substitute.

Just when she'd resigned herself to not getting anything I pulled this out and handed it to her saying, "I choose you ♥." The ♥ represents a smooch. 

Hahaha, I'm good sometimes, aren't I? If the papercraft was a little more sturdy I would have asked her to close her eyes before yelling, "I CHOOSE YOU!!!" and bouncing it off her head. That's romantic, right? Right? (⊙◡⊙)-b