Friday, February 17, 2012

Not A Worthy Opponent

This one's really nice, unfortunately it didn't really apply to S-girl.

So then... something I didn't like about S-girl: She never stood up to me.
Haha, that kinda makes me sound like a bully. (^.^|||)7 Allow me to elaborate.

I only recall a single incident when we really 'fought' with each other about anything. It was over mahjong. Don't laugh, man. We're Chinese- Cantonese, in fact! That means mahjong is serious business. Anyway, she had lost a streak and started getting frustrated. Then she lost her temper. That sounds like an awesome tagline for an action movie. (ºヮº )

So yeah, it wasn't a disagreement about an issue of substance or anything like that. As a result I don't really count that as an argument. Every time we did disagree on something though... well, you may have extrapolated from my penchant for ranting to correctly guess that I am always up for a round of intellectual discussion, scintillating repartee, witty banter and other such cerebral exercises. S-girl... was not similarly inclined. Whenever I started to question her stand- no, stand is too solid a word for it; whenever I started to question her take on something she'd back down and retreat.
On the one hand, I can understand not wanting to face me in debate. I do get slightly fervent about things when I get started. I lay down reasons and such. Empty rhetoric isn't enough for me. Just because something sounds snappy and plausible doesn't make it so.
Some might say I get vehement. (⌐⌐_|||) (|||__¬¬)
On the other hand, that's no fun, man. No fun at all.
I want to know you, yeah? A lot of this stuff doesn't come up in the fleeting interactions I have with other people during my day, but since we're closer than that I want to know what you think, how you think. It's ok to disagree with me. Of course I think I'm right, natch, but whatev's.
She said she understood but she never reached a level where she would/could hold her own against me. *sigh* And yes, I picture a good debate being like this.

I don't recommend intentionally starting fights with your significant other, though. I had a friend who actually believed this a good facet of building and maintaining a relationship. I disagree with that sentiment but I do think that any couple will inevitably have disagreements about some things and they should learn how to deal with them. Not by sweeping them under the rug (the disagreements, not the sig. o) and not by always relenting to one or the other. That's no way to live together, yeah? If it's a strictly short-term affair, then by all means, do as you two like, as best you care to, for as long as you two care to do so.

There was a sort of 'honeymoon' period after we started dating. I think this is a commonality all relationships share. You know, that time when you love everything about her and stuff you might find annoying is actually endearing instead? And you don't fight about anything, really. So at first I didn't think anything of S-girl not engaging me in battle but later on I realized it was an inherent behavior. No good.

Been a while since I wrote such a long post. Enjoy. (O_<)-b*