Monday, February 20, 2012

More Sleeping

So I told you S-girl usually fell asleep before I did, yeah?

More tales of sleeping:

I could tell when she was tired because she'd only snore when she went to bed fatigued.
You want to know something funny? (Of course yah do.) She didn't know how to fake snore. That sounds like a strange thing to notice, right? Well, she'd end up snoring softly for real when she stayed up too long before going to bed.
And if she was really tired?
She'd drool on the pillow. (>ワ<) And/or me.
I know it sounds gross, but I didn't mind. And when she'd wake up laughing and embarrassed... well, I shouldn't have to convince you that it's nice to hear something like that first thing in the morning.

My apologies. I guess I'm not that good at dwelling on the negative... sorry to disappoint, Mark.