Friday, February 24, 2012


I think it's high time I delved deeper into which of her qualities I considered irreconcilably incompatible. As a person I didn't think little of her in most respects, but I have some necessary qualifications for my sig. o. candidates.

Wait a minute.

High time? (•_•)
Think little? (ºヮº)
Shortcomings?! (⊙ ワ ⊙)

Well, I guess I'll save the fatal flaw for the next post. These puns make a compelling argument for another topic.

Yet again, positivity turns my intended course.

I like my girls on the vertically challenged side, in general.
I've wondered about the reasons, myself. Is it because, psychologically, short girls seem more vulnerable and in need of protection? Sounds plausible but I'm inclined to say this isn't my reason because I much prefer my girl to be capable and strong, someone people can turn to for help if needed rather than someone who always needs some from others, you know? Short is just my preference. In all my fantasies thoughts I'm actually not sure how I'd go about a girl my height. Hmm. Good thing I generally don't have to worry about that sort of thing. (^_^)

At the height that she was, S-girl fit just so in my arms, her head at the perfect height to listen to my heartbeat as I held her. It's little things like that which I still think about sometimes. It's actually a bit dangerous. I miss having someone to do that sort of thing with but that's no reason to just find a girl, I think...