Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Final: Featuring Pictures That Aren't Blurry!

So then, today, this most unusual leap day, marks the final post for GF-topic month. I'll probably mention her again so this really doesn't mean all that much but this is the last post in the multi-week continuous streak of GF-related material.

For your viewing pleasure, here, at last, is a picture (not blurry!) of me with S-girl.

Now that I think about it, I remember her telling me she'd never lain in the grass before. What a lamesauce hacker, eh? So, doing as I do, I took her down to remedy that deficiency, straightaway, posthaste.

Her complexion is darker than most Canto Chinese, actually, and her hair was a bit curly. From a technical point of view, she wasn't really my 'type'. And it turned out she wasn't my type at all in a spiritual sense, either, eh? Oh wells.
We had a lot of good times, as you guys should be well aware of by now. Quite the adventure indeed and despite how things ended I can say wholeheartedly that I don't regret any of it.

Speaking of which, one of my mottos is:
"Never regret anything." 

I mentioned some of this on a comment on Mark's blog, and I'll put it here for you, too.

When I say my motto I'm telling people two separate but complementary things:
1) NOT to dwell on negative things that they've done or have had done to them in the past.
2) To do whatever they want to do in the present or future with a whole spirit, unfettered by doubts stemming from poor experiences in the past.

I'm happy to say that I have #1 down, as you guys probably figured since I took up about two-thirds of the month telling you about nothing but tender and loving moments.

Which reminds me of this other time I took her with me to sneak into another site. I like seeing the insides of incomplete buildings, ok? It gives me pleasure to see a side of the building that no one will ever see again. That side being the inside, nyuk nyuk nyuk.

Here's another photo of the two of us.
I set the camera shutter to 15 seconds of long exposure. It was something around 2 or 3 am but the sky looks really bright outside because of light pollution. And that's not sunlight, those are floodlights behind the camera. Probably put up by the construction crews to keep out pesky trespassers.

Have you guys ever heard of My Drunk Kitchen?

The best line is right here. <(O_O<) Click that link.

It's a good thing she plays for the other team or I would have been in danger of falling for a white girl, AHAHAHAHA. I love her anyway. (^_^)7

It's true, you should never be ashamed of yourself. If that self isn't who you want to be? Well, then you should feel free to become who you do want to be. And you should never be ashamed of that guy, either. As long as you're a good person, shame is not for you. Leave that for someone who needs it.

S-girl wasn't ashamed of herself for being the way she was, and I wouldn't want her to be, but she lacked the strength of will to attain the ideal she desired: a confident and outgoing person. I'd've had less problem with her attitude if she'd simply been comfortable with herself as herself. That's not the same as ashamed. There's nothing about being quiet and introverted that's wrong or bad or negative in anyway. My personal ideal self happens to be none of those things, but that has no bearing on anyone else's. Ultimately, it was S-girl's despondent and hopeless attitude towards being able to change herself that I found intolerable, irrespective of what she was changing towards.

And there's the finish. Hope you guys enjoyed this stuff!