Thursday, August 18, 2011

Asian in my Caucasians? It's more likely than I thought...

Posting for Sunday, 8/14.

My tastes for girls runs pretty much exclusively Asian. Don't rag on me for being racist, man, I'm entitled to my own tastes. Sometimes though, a girl of a different persuasion catches my eye. Case in point, one day I found You Belong With Me. At the time Taylor Swift wasn't really super famous yet and I hadn't heard of her nor seen her before. In the video she's supposed to be the character of a nerdy, unattractive girl. They get this across by giving her these big hipster glasses when she's otherwise an obviously attractive girl behind them. <(⌐⌐__)> Ok, that was a digression there but not an irrelevance. I thought her pretty too! That's actually a rarity. I have difficulty matching faces of famous white actresses with their names because they all have a kind of homogenous beauty to them, in my eyes. So I surprised myself when the thought that she was pretty crossed my mind. Oh, she isn't ugly by any standards, that isn't what I'm saying. All those "widely accepted to be examples of beauty" women aren't ugly to me, they simply made no impression. The key here is that the thought actually crossed my mind. For a while I wondered why. Then one of my friends laughed and told me why. She has almond-shaped eyes. Hahaha, it would be just like me to like the look of a white girl because of the Asian traits. (>ワ<)\

On a side note, for those of you wondering about such things, almond shaped eyes come from the epicanthic fold on the eyelid, a predominantly Asian genetic trait. Predominant but not exclusive to nor universal among Asians. It is a dominant trait and comes down through Mongolian lineage, which explains why some Asians don't have it, and why some non-Asians do. One in two hundred amongst the world's population are descendants of Genghis Khan after all.

On that note, and coming out fresh from watching The Messengers [2007], I must admit I think Kristen Stewart is kinda hot, too. I can't really compliment her acting but she's young. Give her time. For the present, I have a reason to see some of these movies, despite the lack of quality ahaha. Don't judge me!! ~~/( >ヮ<)\

What's her trait you ask? It's those rabbit teeth, hahaha. Does that sound weird? Well, I'll admit it kinda is, but what can I say? ╮(o^___^o)╭