Thursday, February 9, 2012

Speaking of Making Her Laugh

I hope you guys haven't started thinking I only used my powers of Annoying to get S-girl to come out of her shell. I also used the power of laughter. LAUGHTER!

This guy would have my back. Points to whoever can recognize.

And, of course, let us not forget puns. Really bad clever puns.

But all jokes aside, when we were alone I'd take a moment at least once a day to tickle her. Purely for health reasons, really.

Ah, tickles. One of the greatest inventions since internet por sliced bread.
Yep. Sliced bread. (⌐⌐__) (_¬¬)

It gets NSFW at the bottom there. Just so you know. Too late?
I'm happy to report that many tickling sessions also ended that^ way.

In case you're interested, I think there's an entire story from whence these characters sprang, but I can't find any more of it. All I've found are some signs indicating the story is from a Tumblr but I can't find that either.

The odd thing is that I'm only ticklish at certain times of day and til I met her I hadn't known I was ticklish at all. She's the only person who researched with such perseverance, heh.