Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Goddammit. A vid that I embedded in this post got removed.

If this means they've decided to start selling high quality DVDs of the episodes, then never mind, switch the tone of this post's title into a joyful one. If not, then my anger remains.

This reminds me of when all those hilarious Downfall parodies started getting banned by the distributor, Constantin Film. Stupid. You know how I discovered that film? The parodies. Hell, without 'em I'd probably never have seen it at all. Is that what you want?

I also don't like when YouTube clips of scenes from a movie get removed. If someone uploads the entire movie, yeah, that's wrong, even I admit that. If they upload one scene, that's fine. I get exactly what I was looking for and you get free advertising. I wasn't going to rent the movie, buy a theater ticket, or pay anything at all, just to see that one scene from the entire movie.