Monday, May 7, 2012

A Dream About People

This dream was unusual in that I spent my time as an observer instead of actually being myself in the dream. I floated around watching things happen like a ghost.
There was a rebellion going on. A different one from this one.

The main character was this rebel girl named 花. She was in charge of a supply cart harnessed to a horse-sized lizard/reptile animal. I don't know the specifics but the rebellion was based around disfranchised farmers. ╮(╯_╰)╭

One of those farmers is some chump named Lik. He's the kind of guy that trudges through life, perpetually a victim of circumstance. He ends up getting driven off by the rebel army. They tell him they will compensate him for the damages after some battle but his field is an ideal position to stage a camp. He doesn't believe them initially but they treat him gently and he finds himself beginning to trust them. Nevertheless he slips out to give away their position to the imperial army because he fears being grouped with them.
The rebels note his absence after some time and send rebel Deen to bring him back, gently if possible.

The general is skeptical about the serendipitous information but offers to give the man some gold in reward anyway. Lik is taken out of the camp and told to wait while they bring him a small bag. He has second thoughts as he waits. He observes their camp and their men. They are cruel, ruthless. They've lived off the land and seem to have plundered their way through the empire they're supposed to be protecting. He scurries off and makes his way back toward camp with a guilty conscience instead of heavy purse.
The general hears that the man left without taking the reward and comes to the conclusion that he was a spy and sends some of his own men to "handle" him. Lik comes upon Faa taking supplies to camp just about when both Deen and the imperial troops catch up simultaneously.
There's some confusion, both sides think Lik is some kind of informant for the other (which he kind of is)

Here the timeline bifurcated. Faa and Deen saved Lik either way.

In one outcome the shaft of her spear cracks when she blocks an attack. As the observer I thought to myself, "She shoulda parried instead." This later proves fatal. Her weapon breaks during the main battle and she is killed. (;_;)

In another she does parry and her weapon remains undamaged. I only got a glimpse of that timeline. She was smiling and laughing.

In the main battle, either way, Deen gets killed. In his last moments he sees Lik running away (again) and wonders if his kind is really worth dying for.