Sunday, May 13, 2012


I was hanging around on imgur today, looking through the clever captions, when I found myself thinking, "Damn, this place is pretty nice. Wonder when the masses are going to show up and ruin everything."
They love puns over there. I love them for it.

But then I thought about it. It should be entirely unsurprising if I am in the same place where most people are. This is the same principle that is in effect when you wonder why you always seem to be in the longest line at the supermarket. Based on random probability alone, you are obviously most likely to be in the line that has the most people in it, see?

Of course that disregards the fact that we aren't going to sites at random. But the very fact that I was drawn to a place from somewhere else indicates the same is probably happening to many others. Should I begrudge them of this happy place just because I am now on the inside myself?