Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dream: A-boy Plays Vidja Games

I totally forgot having this dream but apparently I had the presence of mind to write it down on a notepad.
I was walking through an alley between a tool-shed and a garage. I was wearing my Marshmallow earphones so I couldn't hear anything but I could see that someone had set up a small camp close to the exit.
 Have I ever told you how much I like that particular brand of earphones? It's one of the best inexpensive ones you can buy, commonly only ~$20. The audio quality is excellent for the value, they're very comfortable, and they isolate external noise very well. But enough with the commercial.
After exiting the alley I was accosted from behind by someone carrying a large mattress. While squashed beneath it I removed my earphones and played dead for a moment before flipping it over using the Tatami Flip technique (Ranma 1/2). It turns out it was A-boy. We start rolling and I get him in an RNC but his leg touches a portable kerosene lamp and we break. He tells me he wants my help with something. I start a campfire using a napkin as kindling. The napkin has a doodle of Kaylee from Firefly on it. A-boy has a TV set in his backpack. He tells me he played 4 minutes of Jet Moto before I came over. It strikes me that it isn't his kind of game. (He likes RPGs.)