Friday, May 11, 2012

Dream: Poor C2

The only problem I really fear about immortality is losing my mortal friends.
I mean, even now I occasionally feel sad when I think about people I might not see with any kind of regularity after we part ways. It doesn't happen often but it still happens. And I've only lived about two decades! Extrapolate if I lived centuries. /(⊙Д⊙)\

These are truly issues that keep me up at night. ╮(╯ヮ ╰)╭

I was in a large indoor multipurpose gym room practicing wushu. Or I would have been if I had my shoes.
Standard issue wushu footwear.
Unfortunately, I'd managed to misplace them and D-girl and Z-girl were helping me look for them under benches and in the lockers. I went to the front desk to check the Lost & Found bin but they didn't have them either. There I encountered two other friends and another acquaintance(!): F-boy, C1 and C2. F-boy and C1 are friends but I'd only consider C2 an acquaintance. The funny thing is C1 and C2 are twin brothers, nearly identical in fact, but I never got to spend that much time with C2. Oh wells.
F-boy proceeded to tell me how the food court sold really good hot dogs and also reasonably priced gasoline.
In real life, I wouldn't trust any hot dogs sold at a place that sold gasoline.
We all go back in the multipurpose room and at this point the entire building started to sway. The whole thing was made of glass now. The walls started to crack and shatter and we all ran for the exit. I thought to myself, "Well, good thing I'm not wearing FeiYues. They have thin soles. Not much protection from glass." It didn't occur to me that barefoot wasn't a more attractive option.

From the outside we watched as the towering structure came down in sheets and shards. It was actually quite beautiful. Only after gravity had finished its work did we realize C2 hadn't made it out. We thought it fitting to create a large glass statue of him, made out of the very building that had struck him down.