Wednesday, May 9, 2012

High Five, Mr. Prez (O____O)/

He promised change. You got it. The first president brave enough to publicly support gay marriage.


The irony does not escape me. \(>ワ<)/

The response from the Republican Party has been generally along these lines:

-"How dare he play this card during an election year! It isn't fair. He's trying to pander for votes."
-"Supportive of gay rights? Whatever, it's not like it was an important issue anyway. Not like the economy."
-"While polls show that most Americans support gay marriage, take a look at this map of America. Voters in almost every state have already told their legislatures they don't support gay marriage."

So some of them are saying that Obama's just saying this as a political play for votes. Then, on the other hand, they claim that most people don't support gay marriage. Well, in that case, how is this a play for votes? I really want to know how these two contradicting claims reconcile with each other.