Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Blog Title

It isn't hard to figure out but those of you who still don't know what my blog's name means, or never gave it any thought, here's your last clue.

So. Anything? You get it? Too late.

The title, A 1Tofu Life, is two things:
1) Two movie references
2) A pun

One reference is to an old American movie called "It's A Wonderful Life" [1946]. The subtitle of my blog's name comes from the thank-you card at the end. The pun comes in because 'tofu' in Cantonese is dau6fu6.

While '1 tofu' admittedly only barely sounds like 'wonderful', '1 daufu' sounds much closer. This, in itself, is an obscure reference to a scene from the movie Once Upon A Time In China II [1992] when Wong Fei Hung's disciple uses terrible Chinglish to greet a foreigner.