Friday, September 16, 2011

Why You Bloggin'?

So Mark just put up a sort of commemorative post for his third month of blogging (congratulations are in order for his excellent work so far).

In which he addressed his reasons for blogging. If you don't already know of him then rest assured that those reasons are noble and good.

Sadly, the same cannot be said for many bloggers and blogs out there. I'm pretty sure all of you know of at least one blog that had their Adsense account banned around one month ago, when Google went out and winnowed a good portion of the Blogger population for having "fake blogs". The more telling result was that most of those blogs stopped after that point. For that, I say good riddance.
The money part of Blogger is just a bonus for me. As for me, if my Adsense got banned the only change you'd notice was the sudden absence of ads on my blog.

I'm not here to get thousands of Followers and thousands of dollars, I'm here to get readers. The difference being not so subtle after all. There's a sort of unspoken rule around here where someone will come to your blog and post a comment and end it with something like "+Followed" and you're supposed to follow back. Not to be a jackass but I don't really do that. If your blog isn't something I'm interested in, that is to say, I would have nothing to comment other than "Nice post!", I don't follow just for the sake of it. So, for those of you whom I follow, know that I really enjoy all of your posts. (O_<)-b