Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Whoa A Liebster Blog Award!! \(⊙⊙◡)/

Ho ho! So I got a Liebster Blog award from Mai Yang over at Most Awesome Blog Title Ever!
\(^ヮ^\) (/^ヮ^)/ <(O___O<) ^(O___O)^ (>O__O)>

Good to know someone out there appreciates my awesomeness. kekeke <(º◡º)> *hubris*
What's a Liebster Award you ask? 

 -Liebster - German word meaning 'favorite'
-spread to five bloggers who have less than 200 followers
-thank and link back to sender

Seems like an excellent way to spread some love to some blogs that deserve it.
So then, five fav blogs with <200 followers, eh?
(I couldn't find the number of followers for some of these so it might have broken the rules hehe)

Mount Aenos
Stuff That Rocks
Beast in Human Skin

There are other blogs but too many other people liked them too! For shame, eh? hahaha