Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Scary Zombie Dream

She actually really kinda looks like this.
So I had a nice scary dream Sunday. We were in a massive dimly lit room and zombies were hiding around the place. As always, I could fly. And surprise surprise, wonder of wonders, joy of joys! One of my friends was there, too. (My wonder and joy would fade as the events unfolded but the surprise stayed. You'll see...) We had to look for a place to make our stand or hide. The zombies weren't "allowed" to attack us until after a certain period of time had passed, though I can't explain how I knew that. At one point I flew up to the top of a tree but a zombie perched in the branches hissed at me and shooed me away to find my own hiding spot. Perhaps most oddly, a quilted blanket covered the entire floor. Some zombies weren't very good at hiding, the lump of their bodies could clearly be seen. We couldn't find a hiding spot and time was running out. I ended up near the wall where I could see a zombie sitting under the edge of the quilt. The truce period ended and I preemptively punched it in the head but it didn't 'die' like it was 'supposed' to. Head-shots are one-hit kills damn it. What a cheat.

Anyway, we scramble back and take off but my friend here, she doesn't feel like flying. Instead she sort of drifted into the air and floated along. Her momentum didn't disappear though. Might I say, she was being a real... drag? nyuk nyuk nyuk (≥ヮ≤) I had to tugboat her along when a zombie comes at us from the opposite direction. Still didn't feel like flying though and she drifted steadily towards it. You ever play that game Asteroids? Sort of like that. Impending collision. Sadly (for me), she wouldn't let go either, though. It bit her leg and then, being the awwwwesome buuuuddy that she is, she tries to bite me, too. AND SHE WASN'T EVEN TURNED YET!! What a wanker, I tell you what.

"Sharing is caring!!!" (fOmo)f...~~~(____ ¬ ¬)
No, wait, it looked more like: (Fºuº)F...~~~(____ ¬ ¬)

 And then, her hesitance to fly just disappears, o joy, eh? And some cool flying ensues before I get caught. Damn it. What a good friend I made her, subconsciously, eh? (^____^;;)7