Thursday, September 29, 2011


O-boy was truly the best 'friend' a socially-stunted, camaraderie-starved, anti-religious Asian boy attending a predominantly-White, private Christian elementary school could have wished for. While I have no desire to try and recapture our friendship after all these years, and I make no assumptions about the person he has become today, I will always remember him for what he was to me at that time: a good friend.

Conversely, the friends I've made over these more recent past few years, they are people I would never want to just watch as they walked away outside a BB&T. Er... yeah.

D-girl. She wasn't the very first friend, that is to say, she wasn't the very first of those "awesome people" that I met. In fact, I must confess that I didn't pay her much mind for quite a while after we'd initially met. Damn... yeah, I'm stupid sometimes...

By the way have I mentioned that I have a low view of first-years? Even when I was one I had a pretty dismissive attitude for those punks. I'll get into that some other time.

My first distinct memory of her? Some time after Halloween had passed we were gathered around someone's camera, reviewing some pictures and there was one of her and a friend. If I recall correctly D-girl was a pale-faced ghost. The friend was in some other outfit. The important thing is that this caused me to remark, "Hey, one cute, one scary; just like in real life!", after which I scooted away.
(( O◡O)~~...(⌐ ⌐_)(^.^ )

Our friendship didn't immediately blossom after that though. I can't imagine why. ╮(╯_╰)╭

I did start talking to her more after that though and we hung out at various parties. That year I was in almost every club that was in any semblance Asian-related so my social life picked up a lot. The point when I really thought of her as one of my favorite people came after one of those shindigs.

She had too much *tsk tsk* and we were outside the house. We were sitting on the curb since she wasn't feeling well enough to walk. (I wonder if she'll mind me saying all this... ah wellz) She texted a friend to come and pick her up but I think she was busy or some such. She threw up at some point and I got her a cup of water. She had a precarious hold on her phone and I told her to hand it over before she dropped it in the puddle. She wouldn't. And she did. Ugh. I cleaned it off for her and that's when I knew I must consider her a good friend hahahaha. \(>ワ<)/

I took this photo then and every time I switched to a new phone I took a new one with the same template.

New Balance is the best btw.