Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Motivating Dream

That is to say 'twas not motivational for 'twas I that did the motivating.

I was back at Uni hanging out with some friends. Interestingly, I actually know the memory from which this dream got its setting.

The memory:
A batch of us went to the combination Baskin-Robbins/Dunkin Donuts just off-grounds. We'd just seen Thor [2011] (it was a'ight) and, as usual, we still wanted to hang out so ice cream became the order of the night. When we got there we all went in, save one. I shall call him P-boy.

Oh, I should mention that the group of us are all in the same club together, which explains why he was there even though I wouldn't call him a friend of mine.

Anyhoo, P-Boy. He's kind of a sad sack. His attitude is often melancholy (you should see his FB statuses, which he insists on updating frequently. I swear it's almost a plea for attention). He lacks self-esteem and he's an introvert but he tries to put himself out there as a confident out-going man.

To put it succinctly, he's the opposite of me in almost every way. Haha. No make that every way. If you only knew... But if you did I would have to wonder how.... (Ô.o)

Oh, going off on a tangent there. Another post will come later with the rest of that. LOOK FORWARD TO IT SUCKAS!! (Ò_____Ó)-b

Anyway, when everyone went into the BR/DD P-boy turned and left without a word. In reality I said, "Meh." In the dream, though, I went after him and we talked.


Why are you so sad all the time?
Why should I be happy?
Life. Life is awesome.
Of course you're always chipper, you can fly.
*Note: Regular readers will know by now that I can fly in my dreams.
So? I'd still be happy even if I couldn't fly. (It's true. I am even though I can't. (O_<)-b)
Oh really? I wouldn't be sad ever if I could fly.
I doubt that. You'd still be your sad self even if you could do this. *hover hover* What would you do if you could fly? 
I'd just take off whenever I wanted.
Yeah, you could go anywhere, but you'd go alone. You'd watch the sunsets, admire the landscapes? Then what? Take pictures of yourself? Probably make you even more depressed when you start to feel isolated and alone.
I'd be special though, different. I could do something most people can't.
That last one isn't the key to happiness. Why is it important whether other people can do a thing or not? Is there some kind of inflation of value going on here? You can run and jump, taste and smell. Not everyone can do all of these things, you know?
Yeah, but most people can.
So you're actively taking them for granted? As in, you're making a conscious effort to do so? In that case, I really can't help you. That applies to all those places you would have gone with a flight ability too. All those exotic places you might have gone, thousands have been there before. O how will you enjoy them now, hmm? This isn't some Pokémon world dammit. You don't have to be the very best. You just have to be all you can be. And every one is special. They just have to realize that.

At this point the dream changed and I was talking to a friend along similar lines. But that's a separate story.