Sunday, September 4, 2011

My Excellent Password ( ̄︿ ̄)7 *salute*

Today I completely retired my first password.

It's a fact that most people use very simplistic passwords for fear they themselves will forget them. Despite all the advice NOT to use birthdays, names of relatives/children/pets, and what-not a lot of people still use them as passwords. Or perhaps they rationalize that if a skilled hacker really wanted to get at their data they'd get in, no matter how good their password was. That's not really good logic there but whatever. Another problem: People tend to use the same log-in name AND password for a lot of different accounts (I myself was guilty of this for a long time). Personally, I made up an awesome password and I used it for everything cuz it was so secure, so I believed. Then I realized: if someone wanted to take advantage of that tendency, they would only need to make a website, attract loads of people to register accounts and they'd basically have people handing them the virtual keys to their virtual houses. When I realized this I started to make specialized passwords for individual log-ins. Actually they would more aptly be called 'passcodes'. Sure, it's a little more complicated but it means that if people break into one room they still won't have free run of the entire house, so to speak. Think about it. If you register on some forum dedicated to, for example, discussing the TV show Game of Thrones with the same log-in and password you use for your online bank account there will be serious trouble if someone decides not to deal with the security features of the bank site and instead come through an unsuspecting fan forum, yeah?

People's faces when they see me type it in.
So any ways, I followed another piece of oft ignored advice: Change your passwords periodically. If you still use that password you came up with when you first signed up for Hotmail, you might be ok. Then again you might not. I for one, prefer peace of mind. So anyway, I completely retired the first passcode I came up with back in 10th grade. And it's pretty awesome. While my brother and sister still used, get this, they still used actual words as passwords I was using this:


Yeah, super cool right?