Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Departed vs Infernal Affairs - A Precursor

I could will post a longer (winded hehe) review post concerning all the areas where The Departed [2006] fell flat as a remake of the Hong Kong film, Infernal Affairs [2002], or even as a stand-alone film but for now I will only concern myself and you with one scene: the elevator scene.
Despite what I just said I still almost posted a rant here....
(- -___)
Infernal Affairs is such a great movie that I get especially rant-prone about it.

Go YouTube 'the departed elevator scene' or something. Watch it.

In a word: messy. Just so messy. Bang! Bang bang! Bang! Are you serious? How the hell are these three deaths not going to get back to him? That's two (three but technically Costigan's file got deleted) dead cops and the body of a guy who some one at the station will remember seeing come in a few days before. And those blood splatters are going to paint an odd picture for the forensics team when they notice that these three didn't neatly off one another, not to mention seeming to wipe their guns clean after.

Not to mention the other little bang at the end when Wahlberg's pointless, and pointlessly foul-mouthed, character offs Damon. (- -___) Plenty of paralipsis in this argument...

Then the final cutaway even shows a large rat crawling across the rooftop. What amazing subtlety.
Hmmm. "Pointlessly foul-mouthed." Wow, that kinda applies to the whole movie doesn't it? By golly.

And from Infernal Affairs. That's the original there. And I think to myself, what the hell did William Monahan think to himself when he adapted that scene? Monahan wrote the screenplay for The Departed, by the way.

Ah, hell. Even if Americans needed their movies dumb-ed down, dirtied up, splashed with violence and spoken in English to appreciate them *I* would appreciate if they knew where they were getting their stuff. Anyone remember the Academy Awards for the year The Departed won? The presenter described The Departed as being based on a Japanese film. *Sigh* I did not need another reason to think that it's a bunch of fools running things over there at the Academy but they gave me another.

And there's still a good amount of rant in this post. Maybe I need counseling....

Oh oh! One last note. I found this comment on one of the YouTube vids of The Departed's elevator scene.
Damn, this guy... he doesn't know how right he is. Nor how much more right he could be. I really don't know who is to blame for messing up the ending, Monahan or Scorcese. That shock you got from that death in the original movie gets muddled and lost when the antagonist in The Departed, Sullivan (Matt Damon), didn't walk away clean. He got cleanly shot by Wahlberg's character. I sighed soooo hard just now I inhaled. It's like a sign that reads, "Remember kids, crime doesn't pay."