Thursday, March 1, 2012

Writing Style

Now for non-GF posts to start trickling in. These Drafts have been sitting for a while so you're gonna get more of these for a while. There are 23 including this one.


This is something you readers who only know me through this blog wouldn't have had the chance to notice: I write these posts the same way I would talk in person.
This is a natural result of my thinking=>writing process. I've mentioned before about how I compose material before setting the words down, and I can't really change the way I talk, even to myself in my own head.
I don't use any big words I wouldn't speak aloud and as a result I feel like my writings stay neatly outside of the pedantic zone. And if it still comes across as pedantic, well then that means I am.

Basically, I imagine myself conversing with a few people. I don't talk to myself, quite. But it comes close to that. And that's why my writing is akin to having my words written down as I dictate them.
I guess this makes for another incentive for me to do at least one video post, just so's you guys can get the sound of my voice catalogued in your brains. Thenceforth you can hear my blog posts properly as you read.