Wednesday, March 28, 2012

First Person Sneaker

So, speaking of video games AND speaking of thing I've spoken of in past posts, I got to thinking about other games I like and, naturally, Thief came up.

You want to know one of my pet peeves? People who squander stealth.

There are some games where you, the player, can just go in like a juggernaut, shooting err'body, throwing 'nades in all directions, and leaving every battlefield behind you littered with charred bodies, blackened craters and bullet holes in every surface. Many games don't penalize you for it and, conversely, they don't reward you for a conservative, economic play style either. In games like that, I have no gripes about people taking the "Rambo approach".

Ironically, in the first movie, Rambo: First Blood [1982], the titular character spent the entire movie using stealth tactics. The "gun's blazing" character people commonly associate with 'Rambo' came about in the sequels.

 In other games, notably the Thief and Hitman series, stealthy play IS programmed into the game. In fact, I'd even go so far as to say you're supposed to play those games sneaky-like. The amount of health you have in those games as compared to how much you have in other action games hints at the less confrontational approach you should take. In addition, I feel like it's a shameful waste of the work the game designers have put into the thing when you run everywhere blasting away with shotguns and rocket launchers instead of sneaking in the side-door.

How you are
supposed to play.
How idiots play.