Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Blood Type

So it turns out my blood type is O+. That stuffs in high demand, did you know?!

I always thought Type O was the rarest because there's always a shortage of that type in blood banks but it is actually the most common. Now that I think about it, since O is the universal donor, that means all other blood types can accept transfusions of it, that's probably why it's perpetually short in supply.

© 2012 American National Red Cross
I have to admit, I've been wrong about a lot of stuff regarding blood types for a long time now. I just never remembered to look it up. See, I thought AB would be a Dominant trait or some such but it actually doesn't work like that at all. As you can see, AB is the rarest type.

© 2012 American National Red Cross
Most of the time an AB has to be a parent in order for the child to be an AB, and even then at best it is a 33% chance. All other combinations usually have a 50% chance for an O-type child. Gee...

All this to say, O-type blood really isn't rare in any sense. We just need more people to donate.