Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's Your Fault. Not ALL Your Fault, But It Is Your Fault.

Raging post ahead. You have been warned.

It's on you to shape the world the way you want it to be. That world is massive and your influence on it is probably like having a chisel to take down a mountain, but use it anyway.

When you regurgitate the aphorism "The rich get richer, the poor get poorer" and feel like it's unfair, but then go out and give your money to Walmart or some other multi-national chain, then fuck you.

When you start to notice that stupidity and ignorance creep relentlessly over the minds of humanity, and you just accept it, fuck you.

All those "grammar nazis" out there, they serve as a final bastion of sorts against the incessant waves of retardation that weather away the shores of Correctness.

Did you know that most people can read these days? Why is that? If people can be stupid, why not be completely stupid and just be illiterate, too?
Because they have incentives to know how to read. Not all of them have thirsts for knowledge or anything noble like that. Compulsory education more likely. They probably don't read books (unless a teacher assigned them, in which case: Cliff Notes) but they can go read articles on Fox News or TMZ or some shit like that.

It's within your grasp to positively reinforce behavior in your world. There are few natural incentives for people to do nice things but appreciation and praise are two and you can give it to them.