Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Apple and a Return to the Piracy Issue

The root of the piracy problem is the outdated capitalist system that the companies use.

I've quoted Gabe Newell from Valve before about piracy being a service issue not a pricing issue.

Now, I'm no fan of Apple for reasons I'll get into some other time and I'm no fan of Steve Jobs, living or dead. But I will recognize Apple for its great advancements in the way music is sold through iTunes. You can buy musics for $0.99, TV shows for $1.99 and movies for $12.99. From 2003 to 2006 iTunes Store sold over 1.5 BILLION music files. Clearly, people are willing to pay for stuff they could easily illegally download. The problem is not the people but the industry. They dont want to make changes that will threaten their profits so they hide behind current broken copyright laws.

Short post today. Just got back from serving as an Officer of Elections for the Republican primary here. 17 hours of continuous duty.