Friday, March 2, 2012

Breaking Bad: Jesse Pinkman/ Aaron Paul

So, after a long hiatus due to Skyler's bitchiness, I resumed watching Breaking Bad and finished up to Season 4. Now I have to wait until Season 5, the final season, comes out.

Meanwhile, while Skyler and Marie took turns one-upping each other in the stupidity department. Skyler does a few ok things, like helping to launder the money Walter brings in, but she manages to screw that up, too. Marie, on the other hand, is a totally worthless character as far as intelligence is concerned. I wish she got worse than what she did.

Speaking of stupid: Jessie Pinkman. He is dumb, just so dumb. I hate him so much for that. He's surrounded by people who know what they are doing or know what to do or know how to do something well. That's Mike, Gustavo, and Walter, respectively. Jessie doesn't fit in to any of those categories. He cooks meth the way a trained monkey with a good teacher would.
At his core, I'd have to say that Jesse is the only really good person on this show. He is the moral compass in the cast of characters. In a word, he really doesn't belong. He's too soft to lead this life of crime, but too stupid to do anything else.

Aaron Paul, the actor, does an amazing job. Season 3, Episode 9. There is a scene in which Jessie talks about a box he made in craft shop, a beautiful work of art that he ends up selling for drugs. It's a well-played scene that made me respect him more. Aaron Paul, not Jessie.