Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dreaming of Bugs

No, I'm not talking about this guy. (6 6__)

I've been having quite a few dreams with insects in them.

Two days ago, we were playing around in a water park at night. It actually looked amazingly beautiful. The park, not the bugs. The place had a darkened blue and purple colour scheme. After having some good fun a swarm of bees descended and stung me all along the anterior sides of my upper arms. I took flight and made my escape. Then I decided to submerge myself in the water to dull the pain and woke up. My blanket had slipped down and left my shoulders exposed to the cold pre-dawn air. Neat.

Last night, a large swarm of flies kept covering everything I touched. No, it wasn't as disgusting as it should have been. I ended up having to lure them all to a big box of Costco pizza (I like that stuff!) and throwing it into a dumpster outside a Value City department store.

Oddly enough, I know why I thought up the Value City part. Earlier yesterday I had spoken with someone about the history of the Hampton Roads area and they'd mentioned the Value City department store building, which is now a Haynes (going out of business since they opened, it seems like. If you're from the Hampton Roads area, you know what I'm talking about.)