Monday, March 12, 2012

The Score Is Now Twelve

So I now have 12 Drafts. Waaay down from 23, wouldn't you say?

Here's another non-Draft, anyway.

Another S-girl memory bubbled up.

She'd just come back from a school holiday, meaning a couple weeks without seeing me. Normally, we really spent more time together than apart. NOT a good thing for me (I don't like clingy) but that's how it was.

Anyway, she got back and came over to see me. Haha, remember how I said I don't really miss people? Well, that ain't false, but I still felt happy to see her again.

Here's the good part, though:

When we embraced again I said, "I'm home."
Naturally, she pulled back a little and looked at me funny. "You're home?"
"It's where the heart is, yeah? And here we are."
Yep. I come up with some good lines on occasion, don't I? (>ワ<)