Thursday, March 15, 2012

Rap Music

When I was a kid I thought Eminem's music was just filthy trash, full of hate and anger and profanity. And the homophobia and misogyny, of course.

But now, with another decade of life behind me I can see the reality: Eminem's music is just not for kids.

You might be thinking, "No shit" or "Oh isn't it REALLY??"

I wonder how original rappers feel about the scrubbed-clean MTV 'rap' crap that comes out these days.
I have no illusions about somehow being an expert on the genre, but even with my limited knowledge I believe I'm correct in the impression that rap is supposed to be an outlet of expression for the oppressed and struggling lower classes. That's not a pejorative statement, I'm just pointing out my perceived realities.

There was a message, usually not G-rated, but a message nonetheless. Frequently, anger towards The Man, frustration against the Establishment. Things that a person with no other mode of communication legitimately had reason to rap about.

Then you have raps like Super Bass and Get Low. No links to that shit.

Chris Rock does a bit on this. Just YouTube: "rap chris rock" and you'll find it.

I also thought it strange that a white guy was rapping. Rap is a 'black' thing, isn't it?
Again, years later, I see deeper. No. Rap is (or was) a poor thing. And yet, even then I wasn't really 'wrong', was I? I still live in a not-quite-nice part of town. It's easy to correlate the two when you grow up with that picture in front of you all the time.

And all my white classmates were listening to Eminem. White middle class Christian private school children listening to Eminem. You know they didn't get it. But it was cool, edgy. And somewhere in there I believe there's a certain amount of interest in how the 'other half' lives.