Monday, October 3, 2011

Tyrion Lannister's voice

So I was watching Game of Thrones, excellent show by the way, and I suddenly realized Tyrion's voice sounded so very familiar.

Any of you ever play Thief: The Dark Project? It's an old PC game from way back in 1998 so I wouldn't be surprised if none of you had even heard of it. But it's one of the best computer games ever made in my opinion. The story, the gameplay, all of it just top-notch. And even today it has a large cult following/ fanbase. That's gotta mean something right?

Brother Murus
Anyhoo, there was a ghost in one of the levels named Brother Murus. In reality he was voiced by Randy Smith. And he doesn't actually sound like Tyrion, played by actor Peter Dinklage. Oh wells.