Wednesday, October 12, 2011

An FPS Dream

So watching Black Hawk Down [2001] yesterday gave me a cool dream last night.
I ended up in Mogadishu with the rest of the 75th Ranger Regiment. Two guys were up the road ahead of me with a machine gun emplacement. To the right I could see a guy on the rooftop but I wasn't sure if he was a combatant or not. Then he picked up a rifle and started to draw a bead on my squad mates. I had another one of those "Hey! I know I shot on target, he's totally using cheats" kind of moments. After a ridiculous number of hits he went down but a guy on horseback came around the corner wielding a large scimitar. I fire and hit him a few times but nothing happens. Then I notice that the clip is empty but the Low Ammo indicator didn't light up. (Real guns do not, in fact, have Low Ammo indicator lights by the way). I recalled the last time I got cut on and backed off quick. He swung again and I clubbed him with the butt of my rifle.

Just what I need in the morning, eh? An action packed adventure simulation.