Friday, August 26, 2011

Lucid dream, sad dream

Had a terribly sad dream last night. I guess I am lucky enough to be one of those people who can lucid dream? Zach mentioned that he couldn't, which made me consider the possibility that it is not as common as I thought. Any dream that I am aware of having ends up turning lucid, even if I can't perfectly recall it later that day. Is this common?

So last night three of us, myself, a girl and one other guy, dash into a house, chasing after a man with a knife. The lights are out and the only light source is an old style camcorder I'm holding with the light turned on. The girl leads the way, holding her own little kitchen knife, and I follow, shining the light so we can see. We go up some stairs to the second floor and our third loses sight of us, getting lost below. There's no time to wait for him to catch up, we have to run on. We circle through all the rooms but they are empty, there's no third floor but where could he have gone? The pair of us complete the circuit and head back towards the stairs to search beneath. Perhaps he dashed ahead of us and went back below? She turns the corner and screams out. I come around just in time to see him stab her through the chest. At this point the darkness disappeared and I dropped the light, lunging forward with my own knife. (No guns apparently.) His blade pierced my shoulder but I drive mine into his chest. My left hand comes across to grab his kinfe by the blade, holding it so it doesn't go all the way through the joint. We fall against the banister and I push harder. His breaths slow and stop.

It really hurt when he stuck me. The shoulder went numb but the real pain came when the blade bit into my fingers. When I woke up I lay there for a long while thinking about how we had both failed her. Not 'failed to protect her', as she wasn't a limp and delicate waif. She was our team-mate, every bit as strong and capable as we were.

Sometimes, when I have incredibly vivid dreams like this, I wonder if that wasn't a glimpse into the life of another dimension's Me. In this case, I really hope not. (_ . .)
Damn. It was intense.