Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Time

So as you may have expected there's been a marathon of the Halloween movie series [1978 and onward] airing on AMC this week. In addition, Cujo [1983] was on a few nights ago.

The weakness of the American horror genre lies in its penchant for also being a thriller film. I've mentioned this before but I feel it needs to be reiterated. Americans do love their action. (And so the rise of Michael Bay came about haha.)

Unfortunately, this can only go on for so long before things get... tired. Audiences know what's coming and you get people saying, "Don't go investigate, bitch!". As for me, well, I'm already inclined to be critical of stupidity so I'll be the first to admit that I for one switch to celebrating the deaths of the dumb ass protagonists very quickly. Some might say alarmingly so.

You really can't expect me to place my hopes on some of these idiots, right?

Watching Halloween [1978], the first one, I just rolled my eyes every time Jamie Lee Curtis turned her back on Myers, assuming he was dead. What a dumb bitch... This happens twice.

In other news, at some point I read this top-rated YouTube comment:

"Jamie Lee Curtis is probably the greatest butter-face in history."

A bit mean but the comment has merit.