Sunday, October 9, 2011


I've gone through a lot of glasses in my time. Honestly, I'm not as careful with them as I should be, mostly because my eyesight is good enough that I don't need them to get through a day, especially now that I don't have classes in front of a blackboard anymore.

The 1st pair
Gold, wire-rimmed. Mom insisted on the gold color because she claimed black made glasses too prominent on the face. Personally, I think gold is more attention-attracting than simple black, in addition to looking much more nerdy. And round frames?! (___- -) I haven't gotten light-colored frames since.

They looked like this. I don't have the actual pair anymore.

The 2nd pair
The frame is called Modern Todd. Black, wire frame. Basically the complete opposite of the 1st pair. These are pretty unremarkable glasses with a nice and simple look.

The 3rd pair
I don't have this one to show you guys. At some point I actually stepped on them and completely destroyed this pair. The most damage I've ever done to any set I've owned. They looked similar to the 2nd pair but the height of the lens was about 1/4 shorter.

The 4th pair
Same frame as the 2nd, different prescription.

The 5th pair
I picked these up soon after I got the 4th pair, same prescription. Blue and black, metal. Polycarbonate lens, Transitions even! These are my 2nd favorite glasses and one of the nicest I've had.  Super light and the first to have my preferred design: half-rimmed.

Transition lenses!

You might notice the left lens is missing in that top picture. I lost it on the dance floor of the Spanish Galleon last year. It's actually a miracle I found them again at all, haha. Somehow, a friend saw them on the crowded floor and said, "Hey, those look familiar" and retrieved them for me. After that I went back to the 4th pair for a while.

The 6th pair
By far my favorite pair, right here. Half-rimmed, of course. Lightweight. Beautifully stylish brown and translucent green plastic. Polycarbonate lenses. Nike.

You see the side I'm holding? That side won't bend because I had to super glue it to reattach it.
(- -__|||) Man, I'd only had this pair for a little while and I took care of them, too. But this time, it wasn't me. It was a friend who broke them.... \(>.<)/ Oh, I've only told you about this one in passing. That will come later. I'll just say this: If it had been anyone else, any one other person I would have gotten mad. But in this case, I just got annoyed. Really annoyed.

Now though, when I see them they remind me of her. Haha. Imagine that.