Saturday, October 22, 2011

Military Channel

Costanza would approve.
So I've been watching a lot of Military Channel this past week. Really interesting, entertaining AND educational stuff. THE TRIFECTA.

Watching Surviving the Cut has the same effect as watching Sasuke, haha: It's making me want to work out and get fit. Now that makes this quality TV in my book.

There was a feature called Hitler's Deadliest Secret: The Hunt for U-864 on last night. Hitler sent a submarine with blueprints and materials for building jet fighters to Japan in 1944. Fortunately, for the Allies, it never made it. The British submarine, HMS Venturer, sank it in the North Sea. What makes this engagement unique is that this remains the only instance in history that a submarine has sunken another submarine in combat whilst both were submerged. I don't know about you but I was surprised to learn this fact. Haha, I mean torpedo vs torpedo salvos, I've seen that in the movies more than once, I'm sure. Once again I am reminded that TV is not reality. (^︿^;;)7

One of the Venturer's crewmen on that day, now a white-haired old man, told us about the event and the aftermath. In particular, I noted his description of the crew's reaction after hearing the hit. At first everyone cheered and celebrated. Then the elation of having eliminated the threat rapidly vanished as the reality settled on their minds. That was another U-boat full of men they just sent to the bottom. Men like them, just doing their duties. Everyone sobered up. There really wasn't cause for celebration.