Saturday, October 15, 2011

Military Movie Mood and some Random Info

I've been in the mood for some military films this past week. Action packed, sure. Realistic, not usually. Entertaining, yes.

The discipline and control of a well-trained military unit is undeniably cool. War, actual war is not.  Nevertheless, a few generations of people have grown up seeing war on the big screen, not with their own eyes. They play games like Call of Duty.
This isn't a post about desensitization or "video games encourage violent behaviour" bullshit, though.

No, my point is that war seems cool to a lot of people. On a related note, guns are cool to a lot of people despite their function. Back in the day, I didn't understand. I feel safe in assuming that only a fraction of them have ever actually shot a person or been shot. When I heard someone say that a certain gun 'sucked' I could only imagine that they were speaking from a list of numbers: statistics of range, caliber of bullet, and maybe even something they'd read concerning its reliability in the field but mostly not from personal experience. If they had a bullet in them I wondered if they'd note any difference about the gun it came from. Oh, it's possible they'd be able to remark on it, sure.
Time for an educational moment.

Do you know what it means to "go into shock"? I'll wager you think it's what you've seen on TV or in the movies. A person, possibly injured and/or in a crisis situation, is pale, shaking, stuttering, eyes wide, deer-in-the-headlights look on they face, right? Naw. That's called *being* shocked, not *in* shock. Shock is a medical term for when not enough blood is getting to where it needs to go, usually from massive blood loss or some kind of trauma. It is not a psychological condition. When you go into shock, you're in need of some immediate medical attention.
I'll give you these words of wisdom. I wish more people would take heed of them but it ain't meant to be so... But here they are:

TV shows and movies are forms of entertainment.

Yeah, shocking, I know. (hehe) You can learn a lot, but you have to know that it isn't there to educate first. Unless, you're watching a documentary..... No, you don't just have to know, you have to be aware. There is a difference.