Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Mall Cop Dream

Anyone seen that movie Mall Cop [2009]? Pretty crappy. Retarded plot. Nevertheless, I had a dream inspired by that movie.

Some punk kid who looked like Norm, the bag boy, from another movie, The Mist [2007], was trying to rob a clothing store. For some reason I only had a Crosman CO2 airsoft pistol. At first I hid behind a rack of jeans wondering if I should try and confront him or try and just talk him down. Then he came around the rack and I made the decision. I whipped the fake gun out and put it in his face demanding he give me the gun. I snatched it from him and he took off.
I'm pretty sure real security guards aren't actually allowed to have guns, airsoft or otherwise. Anyway, I used the revolver I just took from him and shot after him. Handy crosshairs appeared in the air and even though I definitely fired on target he got away unharmed. Meanwhile, the supervisor came riding up on a segway. She looked like Carla from Scrubs. I got told off for firing into an area filled with civilians. (__ -- )