Monday, June 4, 2012

Selling Me My Own Shit

The idea for this post has been kicking around for a while. Unfortunately, I now run the risk of offending/saddening D-girl and Z-girl because they have since gifted me with these T-shirts.
No offense to you guys, really! I mean it! 
[For once. So feel special, damn it. <( ̄◡ ̄)>]
<= They saw this one in stores, separately, and they both thought of me and got it before meeting up and realizing they'd chosen the same gift idea! I'm so flattered by the sentiment, haha. I love those two. (o^__^o)

HOWEVER. Now comes the bad. No one should shell out money to buy these products from a store.

When I got the shirt(s) this train of thought didn't cross my mind in the moment. As it should be. I think...

Nevertheless, the truth and reality remain. Do you know where these memes came from? Do you remember? They came from us. US. US. Not from a corporate marketing think tank. Not from a yuppie advertising agent. Not from some capitalist blood-sucking entrepreneur. WE MADE THIS STUFF. And now you can see notebooks at Walmart with 'rage faces' on them.

Now, first I want you to know, there's nothing more than wishful thinking behind saying, "No, this shit shouldn't be sold at all."
OF COURSE SOMEONE THOUGHT TO SELL SHIT LIKE THIS. There's money to be made from the masses. And there's always, always someone willing to do the fleecing. You're gonna have to face reality some day. (How's that for wishful thinking on my part, heh.)
The point of control is the consumer. There are faggots who can and will sell shit, but we don't gotta buy it, see? IT'S ON YOU. I spit on the fucks who decided not to create something original and instead rushed to EXPLOIT. But I hate the people who reward them for it.

Naturally, as a human animal, I think differently when it comes to people I actually know and like, i.e. friends. (hurrdurr) It's a natural fact, neither good nor bad. I like the gift and I like the shirt. I just wish the Corporation hadn't been involved.