Thursday, June 14, 2012

Do You Like Eating Shit?

You ever read or watch a news report about something you already have knowledge of? You ever notice how the reporter/writer gets facts wrong? If you've never had this experience, then congratulations. Apparently, you know nothing. About anything. Until you wiki/google it. Then you come back a fucking expert, don't cha?

There are only three words that are correct in this image.
Otherwise, you should know what I'm talking about. Still, you might never have taken that realization to its next logical step: 'If the articles of topics you know something about can be wrong, the articles of topics about which you know nothing may also be wrong.'

Now you might think, "That makes sense. It's obvious, really. In fact, I already knew that."
Yeah, sure. You know how I know you're a fucking liar? Cuz it took me a while before I took that step. I saw this image years ago and I thought, "Haha, apparently no one did fact-checking for that article!" And I felt a glow of superiority and smarter-than-thou smugness. But I went on and read many other articles about anime I hadn't seen and I didn't consider that those articles could have been making similarly egregious errors about their contents. I didn't consider that for a long time.

Unless you already know something about the topic, I want you to know from now on that an education pertaining to any topic based solely on having read a trending article/watched a prime-time news report can only guarantee you've reached the Peter line of intelligence regarding said topic.

Hold up. It might have been a well-written report. They might even, against all odds, have done thorough fact-checking before publication. Hell, even a stopped clock is right twice a day. In which case, yay, you might get a good education. What I'm saying is you're only guaranteed the lower limit. Never consume a report and believe everything in it. Now that's retarded.