Monday, June 18, 2012

デタラメ・マザコン・チェリーボーイ 〜for the movie〜


So there's this fictional band called the 金玉ガールズ (Kintama Girls), right? They exist in the world of Detroit Metal City. It's a cool series I highly recommend checking out if you have a sense of humour.

Anyway, the (fictional) band released a single cd and I managed to pick it up a few months ago. But, a terrible, terrible twist of fate befell me. The track titles on the files had become corrupted.

Three tracks. I already knew the name of the first track (title of this post) so that wasn't a problem. The third track was an instrumental version of the first, again no problem. But Track 2. The file name was just a jumble of nonsensical wingding symbols. How the hell do I find its name? This is pretty obscure material to begin with. "Hey internet, what's the name of the second track on a hard-to-find single from this fictional band?"

I filed the quest away for a while but today, I found it. At long last. A website that sells imported cds decided to post the tracklist.

2. クダらねぇ社会