Monday, June 25, 2012


I got this first one being stupid.
Actually, that applies to all of these... (◎◎▂)

I was boiling some nice chicken stock when I decided to lift the lid and check on things. A poof of steam came out and scalded the anterior side of my forearm. I ran cold water over it and it became an angry red. Initially I thought that was it and I went back to playing BioShock. A little while later I noticed it had started to blister. I wrapped with sterile gauze and over the course of a day or so it turned into a single large blister as plasma leaked from the damaged cells. It's faded a great deal since then.

I got this one hopping over a fence at Myrtle Beach. The fence caught my foot and its friend, the sidewalk, gave me a good drubbing for my insolence. And then D-girl walked up and opened the gate. It was unlocked.


This one's subtle. I got it cutting an apple in half. I used a paring knife because it was the only one laying around and the blade stuck in the apple halfway. I yanked it out and it slipped down, slicing my hand at the base of the pinky. Luckily, I managed to avoid severing a tendon. That would have been uncomfortable. It's hard to tell there's a scar at all because the cut hides among the natural creases.