Thursday, January 5, 2012

Upcoming Matrix Trilogy Discourse

By the way, I'd first like to reassure you guys that I haven't forgotten my intention to do a watch-along of the Infernal Affairs trilogy [2002-2003] and a comparison review of The Departed [2006], nor has my rage concerning the latter diminished in the slightest. Just so's ya know.

Recently, I was FB chatting with a friend about something or other when the topic of The Matrix came up. Oh, wait, I remember. I happened to be watching part of the Animatrix, "World Record" at the time.

You know how I'm filled with boundless rage when it comes to some things like stupidity, ignorance, racism and bad storytelling? Well, when it comes to The Matrix an opposite reaction occurs. You must understand that when I say, "I love the Matrix" this is a massive understatement. The Matrix is one of the foremost reasons why I am glad to have lived beyond the 90s. Not that I'm suicidal, quite the opposite, in fact. While I firmly believe that decade to have been one of the greatest in the history of movie and television pop culture, The Matrix restored my faith in a future that could hold new wonders. Never before had such deep philosophical material been presented in such... palatable form for the masses.

And yet. There were those who saw it as nothing more than what it might seem: an action movie. An exercise in cutting-edge special FX. Or some who just missed the point altogether. My friend in question- you know what?
I have yet to give her an alias, despite having mentioned her on several occasions! Drumroll please. Henceforth she shall be known as Z-girl. So shall it be. <( ̄_ ̄)>

Remember this?
She said she remembered it mostly being about "man vs machine". Oh, dear. Ya know, it is very strange. I've told you before about how she has some kind of immunity to making me angry. Well, the glasses thing made me annoyed but this incident almost tipped me over the edge. Good thing we were only FB chatting so I had an opportunity to filter my response hahahaha. I believe I still got out something like, "You want Man vs. Machine? Go watch Terminator!!" or some such. In person there would have been expletives. Name calling. And other inflammatory remarks.

So, yeah. Look forward to it, guys. If you didn't like The Matrix or thought it was dumb, go die in a fire. Cheers!